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4 Advantages Of Cotton Insulation

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Cotton is an alternative type of insulation that provides a number of distinct advantages over its more common fiberglass and cellulose counterparts, largely due to cotton's unique set of material characteristics. Understanding what cotton insulation has to offer can help you make an informed decision about whether or not cotton insulation is the right fit for your home.

Safety Considerations

One of the main advantages associated with cotton insulation over fiberglass is that it is non-toxic, since it is made out of all-natural materials. This means that the insulation fibers will not pose a threat to your lungs, eyes, or skin, and you won't have to wear special safety gear while working with it.

Furthermore, in the event of a fire, cotton will not release any toxic chemicals which could constitute another safety hazard – and due to the density of cotton insulation, it does not leave a lot of oxygen within the walls of your home that potential fires could use to maintain themselves, reducing the threat of fires spreading through your insulation and walls.

Sound Insulation

Beyond the fact that it can help slow the spread of fires, the density of cotton insulation means that it is extremely effective at blocking out exterior noise as well. This can help create a quiet environment within your home, which is an important consideration if you live near a major transportation route.

Ease of Installation

Another key advantage of choosing cotton insulation for your home is the fact that the installation process is extremely straightforward. Since you don't have to use special safety gear to handle cotton, and the fact that no special equipment is used to install batts of cotton insulation (which are basically just large rolls or pads, which are cut to size and put into the area that they are needed), the installation process can be completed much quicker than other types of insulation. This can help save you money on labor, and keep the entire cost of your project low.


As mentioned above, cotton insulation is a completely natural product, which means that it does not come with any environmental considerations. Cotton insulation can be sourced from sustainably grown materials or even made out recycled materials used in other projects (jeans are commonly shredded to make insulation, thus the blue color that some cotton insulation comes in). This means that choosing cotton insulation can help reduce the environmental impact of your home construction or remodeling project.

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