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Modern Window Treatments For Your Living Room

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You've gone to a lot of trouble to make your living room décor modern. You've got the clean lines and clear geometry characteristic of the style. The only thing that's left is your window treatments. The last thing you want to do is deviate from your contemporary theme. Adorn your windows with treatments that match your living room's modern style.

Sleek Blinds

Simple is often the best way to go with modern window treatments. In this case, the sleek lines of blinds will complement your contemporary décor. You can choose any color, but white will offer a clean backdrop. You can also play with the idea of horizontal vs. vertical blinds. Vertical blinds can offer a modern twist that further blends the window treatment with your décor.

Roller Shades

If you don't want your window treatments to draw attention to themselves, Better Homes and Gardens suggests hanging roller shades. Look for shades in a white or otherwise neutral fabric. When you have the shades down, they fit cleanly to the windows. When you roll them up, the fabric folds in on itself in crisp lines. As the magazine points out, roller shades are ideal for window walls.

Natural Shades

Natural shades are another window treatment style that recede into the background. They work similarly to roller shades in that the material folds in on itself to create a sleek line. However, natural shades are made of bamboo or matchstick. This window treatment style works well if you have an Asian-inspired modern living room.

Colored Panels

Perhaps you don't want your window treatments to recede into the background. In that case, consider floor-to-ceiling window panels. The key here is to look for a weighty fabric that holds its shape. You want it to create crisp lines no matter what position you have the panel in. Indeed, you might even choose pleated curtains. Go for a bold, solid color. Such curtain panels can be a way to bring a pop of color into a monochromatic or black-and-white living room.

Geometric Curtains

Curtain panels afford you a lot of options in pattern as well. Since geometry is such a strong characteristic of the modern style, you could hang curtains with clear geometry in their pattern. For instance, you could choose curtains with wide, bold stripes. This works well in an industrial-styled living room, especially if you choose panels with metal grommet headings to hang onto the rod. If your living room is more retro mod, look for retro patterns such as Moorish keyholes or mid-century satellites.

Create a contemporary backdrop for your modern living room with your window treatments. For more ideas, contact a company like Spotless Shade & Blind CO.