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Protecting Outdoor Terracotta Planters From Cracking

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If you are interested in improving the appearance of your front porch, you may have thought about purchasing outdoor planters to hold floral blooms. Many enjoy the look of large terracotta pots because their natural hues match many decor themes. However, terracotta pots do tend to crack if proper precautions are not taken to protect them. Here are some tips you can use to keep terracotta planter pots from sustaining damage due to cracks within their structures.

Place Planters in a Location Away From Activity

It is a good idea to place terracotta planters in a spot where foot traffic is not expected. If you decide to dress up your staircase, make sure to place your planters as far over to the sides of the steps as possible so people do not accidentally bump into them as they walk past. If you place a planter near your doorway, keep it in the side where the hinges to the door are located. Since people will veer toward the doorknob or door's handle, the planter will not be in the way of their navigation. Placing a small rock or stone to the side of the pot will aid in keeping the door from hitting it when it is opened.

Use Plastic Inserts and Foam to Aid in Thwarting Cracks

Excessive moisture can cause terracotta pots to weaken and crack. Placing a plastic insert inside each of your planters will help in keeping moisture from touching the terracotta portion of your flower holders. After you place an insert inside and fill it with soil and your plants, fill the void between the insert and the terracotta planter with pieces of foam. These can be hidden with moss or additional soil. The foam will aid in moisture retention, keeping your planter dryer and less likely to become ruined.

Make Sure Moisture Is Not Excessive Near and Inside Planters

Place your terracotta planters in a spot where they will not be in the path of direct precipitation. Setting them under an eave or porch awning will help in keeping them dry. If rain tends to blow toward your porch, placing a plastic barrier along the interior rails will help to keep moisture away from your planter. Make sure your planter has a drainage hole in the bottom portion. If you use an insert, this should also have a hole for extra moisture to drain from the planter with ease.