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Glass Railings For A Modern Take On Patio And Deck Design

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Are you thinking about building a patio or deck that you can enjoy next summer? Are you still making plans for the exact layout and how it will look? The right patio or deck can be more than just a place to go every now and then, it's an extension of your home. As such, you undoubtedly want to make it as attractive as possible so that you enjoy using it. While a traditional patio or deck with wooden railings may be a fine choice, it's not your only choice. Glass is another choice aside from wood, one that has several advantages. If you've never considered having a glass railing installed, here are some reasons why this might be ideal for your project:

Unobstructed views: Although not intentionally designed to block views, wooden railings are frequently created so that the top rail is at about eye level when you're sitting in one of your outdoor chairs. Even though the railing might be relatively thin, having a horizontal line running across your field of vision can spoil an otherwise beautiful view. Glass railings are, of course, almost invisible. The vertical supports for the glass are typically much thinner than their wooden counterparts, allowing the railing to remain functional while being able to fade into the background.

Variety of looks: With glass railings, you're not limited to just one specific look. You can choose to have the glass etched with a design, have frosted glass, glass tinted in a variety of colors. The fittings can come in one of several metallic colors, allowing even more customization. This allows you to get the exact look and feel that will work for you and for your home. If your house has a more modern look to it, having a glass railing can also help give a more modern feel to the patio or deck as a whole, helping to draw the entire exterior together.

Durable: Unlike some of the materials that you could use as a railing, glass railings will not rot, corrode, rust, or be eaten by insects. And although you might be picturing thin window glass when you picture a railing made out of glass, this isn't the case. Glass railings are made out of thick glass that is extremely unlikely to shatter under most normal conditions. If you purposely hit the glass with a hammer, it would of course break. But if you accidentally hit it with a chair leg while moving your outdoor furniture around, you probably won't even be able to tell where it got hit.

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