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Tips On Caring For Your New Granite Stone Countertops

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You've had your beautiful granite stone countertops installed and you want to keep them clean so that they look good for a long time. Thankfully, granite countertops are very durable and taking care of them is pretty easy, especially if you get into a routine. While you may want to be careful about any chemicals you use on them, these special cleaners aren't more difficult to use than conventional ones. Here are some tips on keeping your granite countertops clean and in good condition for years.


There is a bit of confusion when it comes to whether or not granite countertops should be sealed. Not all of them need it. However, it is a good idea to seal the area where you know you will be using the most. Reseal those areas about once a year. That way, you can protect these heavily used areas from stains and other damage.

Daily Care

Daily care is about the same as any other type of countertop material. Use a damp cloth and lightly wipe off all exposed areas. You can use special stone soap if you need a little more than just water. Whatever you do, don't use soaps or cleaners designed for other types of surfaces.

Intensive Cleaning

About once a week, use a granite cleaner and wipe off the entire counter even in areas that aren't used often. Use a special granite polish about once a month to maintain and repair the shine. If your granite is in need of deep cleaning, then apply a special heavy-duty granite cleaner and follow the directions on mixing and using.

Removing Stains

Granite stains are often deep below the surface, so cleaning the surface won't remove them. If you have serious stains, then you may want to call in a professional. Removing them requires mixing a poultice and leaving it on overnight. The type of chemical you need for your poultice depends on the type of stain you have. While there are several poultice recipes available online, some may make things worse if you aren't experienced with granite stain removal.

Taking care of your granite countertop and making sure it always looks good isn't any different than taking care of any other surface. With proper care, you should be able to enjoy them for years. However, you do have to make sure any cleaning solutions and materials you use are designed for granite. If you are thinking of having granite stone countertops installed in your home, and you need more advice on how to care for them, then contact a supplier for more information.