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Create A Pumpkin Patch On Your Property

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If a local county fair is offering a prize this fall to the participant who has grown the heaviest pumpkin, you will have a good shot at winning the competition if you create a pumpkin patch on your property. The instructions that follow will teach you how to clear a plot, plant pumpkin seeds, and install an irrigation system.


  • pumpkin seeds
  • lawn tiller
  • hoe
  • spade
  • irrigation system
  • water supply
  • cart

Select A Variety Of Pumpkin Seeds

Contact the fair's facilitator to acquire information about the pumpkin varieties that will be accepted for the contest. Purchase a seed variety that is capable of producing large, heavy pumpkins. Several hybrid and heirloom pumpkin varieties are noted for their deep orange color and large size.

If you are uncertain about what type of seed to purchase, read the back of each seed packet to determine what type of climate each variety grows best in. Select the seed type that will be most suitable for the region you live in.

Prepare A Plot And Plant Seeds

Pumpkins will be ready to harvest several months after seeds are planted. Seeds should be planted during the spring, after the last frost. Determine how many pumpkins you would like to grow. If you own a large piece of property, it won't hurt to plant a lot of seeds, and you will have a bunch of pumpkins to pick from when it is time to harvest your crop.

Additional pumpkins that won't be entered in the contest can be used to make pies, soups, and stews or you can give some of the pumpkins to your family. Select land that is near a water source, since you will need to connect an irrigation system to a steady water supply. Use a power lawn tiller to clear the land that you have chosen for the pumpkin patch.

A hoe or spade can be used to turn the soil that is in the plot. Turning the soil will eliminate clumps of dirt and will aerate the soil. Use the tip of a hoe to create furrows along the length of the plot. Plant pumpkin seeds in the furrows. Cover the seeds with plenty of soil.

Install An Irrigation System

A basic irrigation system needs to be installed adjacent to the pumpkin patch. Dig a shallow trench that is long and wide enough to hold the base of the system. Place the system inside of the trench and ensure that the sprinkler heads are level with the pumpkin patch. Attach the system's hose attachment to a water supply.

Turn the irrigation system on regularly so that the soil inside of the garden remains moist. An automated irrigation system can be programmed to water the garden at specific times. Clean the sprinkler heads periodically to prevent clogs.

After the pumpkins have matured, select one to enter in the contest. Since the pumpkin will be difficult to carry across your property since it is heavy, use a cart to transport the pumpkin to the vehicle that you will be driving to the fair. For more information, contact a company like Hydrotech Irrigation Co.