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Here's How To Create A Backyard Garden That Requires Little Maintenance Throughout The Year

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No backyard garden is maintenance-free, but here is how you can create a garden in your backyard that should require little maintenance throughout the year.

Use Pots to Plant In

Whether you plan to grow food, flowers, or both, you can make taking care of your plants easy by growing them in pots. You can use different sized pots to create some extra depth in the garden, but make sure that you choose sizes that can easily be picked up and moved when you want to make design changes in the future.

You can arrange your pots in any way you want throughout the garden to create the exact look and feel that you want. Consider lining some pots around the perimeter of your garden area to create a natural border. You can line the pots in rows to create a greenhouse feel or place them around concrete statue centerpieces to create a museum look.

Once your pots are in place, simply fill them up with your favorite potting soil and plant your seeds or cuttings. Between growing seasons, you can empty the soil from your pots into a big pile in the yard and refill the pots with new soil. Fertilize the old soil and turn it for a couple of months, then you can reuse it again later.

Landscape With Gravel

Ensure that you don't have to spend a lot of time mowing the lawn in your garden by landscaping with gravel instead of grass. Gravel comes in a variety of colors including gray, white, black, red, and even green, which should make it easy to create a custom design the complements the rest of your property's current design.

You can use just one color, or create a mural using dividers and multiple colors. And you can choose from a variety of sizes too. Go for smaller sized pieces of gravel of an inch or smaller to ensure that walking and standing in your garden is comfortable.

Install Custom Metal Benches

To make sure that you can enjoy spending lots of time in your garden throughout the year, you should incorporate seating into the area. Benches are a great option because they can fit into a garden setting seamlessly and they can accommodate more than one person at a time. But not all garden benches are created equal.

For example, wooden benches tend to rot and mold over time. You may find yourself having to clean, sand, and stain or paint the benches on a regular basis as time goes on. But on the other hand, metal benches look just as good but won't rot and break down over time like wooden benches will. And they don't require much more maintenance than an occasional cleaning.

You can have custom metal benches made for your garden that fit exactly in the spots you want to place them, which will help make them look like they're naturally part of the landscape. You can have your custom metal benches painted any color you want to. Contact a company like Prairie Road Iron Works today to learn more.