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Myths About Residential Rodent Problems

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While there are many different pests that could potentially target your home, rodents can be an issue that is particularly prevalent, but new homeowners will often believe misinformation about rodent control. While protecting a home against rodent does not require a homeowner to be a pest control expert, there are myths that will need to be corrected if you are to effectively protect your home against mice and rats.  

Myth: Rodents Are Only A Problem For Home's In Crowded Areas

One frequent assumption about rodents is that this problem is largely confined to those that live in cities or other crowded areas. While these areas will frequently struggle with large rats and mice populations, it is also common for homes in rural areas to experience mice problems as they can come from fields and woods. As a result, homeowners should always be vigilant with treating the property for these vermin.

Myth: Traditional Mouse Traps Are All You Need To Eliminate A Rodent Problem

Traditional mousetraps can be an extremely affordable option for combating mice, but it is unlikely to be effective in situations where there is a large population of mice. Furthermore, these traps can pose problems for those that have young children or pets living in the home. Professional rodent control experts will have a variety of tools and treatments that can be used to neutralize large rodent populations. When a home has a large number of rodents, ongoing treatments may be needed to fully neutralize all of the rodents.

Myth: Rodents Are Harmless To Your Home

Unfortunately, rodents are not a harmless problem for a home to develop. These pests can have the potential to cause widespread structural damage to the home. This can occur due to the rodent chewing on wiring, plumbing or insulation. Furthermore, the fleas and droppings from these pests can create unsanitary conditions, which could cause members of your household to contract serious diseases. These threats can make it hazardous for a homeowner to underestimate the damage and problems that these pests can cause.

Myth: Rodents Are Only A Serious Threat During The Warm Months

While it is common to see field mice and other rodents during the warm months, you should avoid assuming that this will be the time of the year when they are most likely to target your home. In reality, these pests often target houses and other structures during the winter months when they are seeking warmth and shelter.