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Retractable Canvas Awnings: Maintenance And Repair

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Spending time on your patio isn't very enjoyable when there is no shade and you are hot and uncomfortable. A great solution to this problem is to install a retractable canvas awning over the area. Once the awning is in place, you will want to maintain it properly and repair it as necessary. The following article takes a look at this important issue for homeowners with patios.


A critical point to remember about retractable canvas awnings is that you should always retract them during inclement weather. High winds can damage both the canvas and the awning's hardware. Also, you do not want to allow the canvas to get soaked by rain, as this can lead to mildew problems developing. When rain or bad weather strikes, make sure that you remove any leaves or dirt and debris before retracting the awning.

Keeping the awning clean is an important maintenance task. Brush off the canvas with a broom once a month and rinse it with water. Let it dry in the sun before retracting it.

Give the material a deep cleaning every two or three years. To deep clean, brush off and rinse the canvas first. Then use a cleaning solution of water and mild soap to clean the canvas more thoroughly. Scrub the fabric with a soft bristle brush and the soap and water. After the solution has soaked in, rinse the material and then let it air dry. As with the monthly cleaning, the canvas should be fully dry before it's retracted.


To repair a small rip or tear in the canvas, you will first need to purchase a section of canvas that is the same pattern as the one on your awning. Cut a patch from this section that is four inches longer and wider than the tear itself. Place contact cement on both sides of the canvas at the spot of the tear. When the cement cures, press the patch down over the tear until it's firmly fastened to the material.

Another option is to purchase a repair tape that is made especially for canvas awnings and cover the rip with the tape according to the directions on the label.

Not every homeowner will feel that they have the skill to do a good job when attempting to repair a retractable canvas awning. To ensure that the job is done by a trained expert, contact an awning repair service in your city or town.