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Benefits Of Basement Waterproofing

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According to the Insurance Loft, an estimated 98 percent of American homes will experience basement flood damage. Whether your home floods every spring or you haven't been impacted by basement flooding, being proactive can protect you from suffering hundreds or thousands of dollars in basement water damage.

In addition to preventing a potential disaster, there are other benefits of having your basement professionally waterproofed. Here are a few.

Increase Your Home's Usable Living Space

If your basement is damp or prone to flooding, chances are you either don't step foot down there or you use the space to store seasonal decorations and your collection of old magazines. Hiring a professional waterproofing company to pinpoint the causes of your moisture problems or flooding and to come up with solutions to these issues can help transform your dark basement into new, usable living space.

For example, once the cause of your flooding or moisture issues has been resolved, your waterproofing expert might recommend injecting epoxy into any foundation cracks and covering the basement walls with a specialized waterproofing paint.

Once your home is waterproofed, go ahead and transform your basement in your new home office or a family room. If you're planning to sell your home in the future, the increased livable space can make your home more attractive to buyers and increase the value of your home.

Decrease Mold Growth

Unfortunately, if your basement is damp and prone to flooding, there is a strong chance the space is harboring mold. Mold requires the right environment to thrive, and your leaky basement provides the mold with the moisture and organic material it to needs to spread. Combating the problem by cleaning the mold yourself or having it remediated by a professional won't solve the problem.

In addition to damaging your basement and anything stored in the basement, a long-term mold problem can cause serious health issues. If any family members have a mold sensitivity or allergy or are suffering from respiratory issues, a serious mold problem can be extremely dangerous.

A professional waterproofing company will pinpoint the cause of your moisture issues and come up with a plan to eliminate the problem and prevent future dampness and flooding from occurring. Once your basement is waterproofed, you can work with a professional remediation company to eliminate your existing mold issues.

Prevent Unnecessary Insurance Claims

After walking down in the basement and discovering the flooding and water damage, your first call should be to your insurance adjuster. Unfortunately, if you don't have a separate flood insurance policy, most providers won't accept your claim. If you do have flood insurance, the process of having the damage assessed, filing the claim, and getting the money to repair the damage can be very long.

Additionally, filing a claim could raise your premiums, which will wind up costing you far more money in the long run. Being proactive and waterproofing your basement before a serious flood or extensive moisture damage will protect you from the headache of filing an insurance claim and the chance of your monthly homeowner's insurance premiums skyrocketing.

Reduce Your Home's Energy Usage

Finally, if you have moisture problems in the basement, it will raise the humidity throughout your home. This can cause your furnace and central air conditioner to work overtime to maintain the temperature in your home. An unexpected benefit of basement waterproofing is the chance to lower your monthly heating and cooling bills by maintaining the humidity levels in your home.

From the chance to save money on your energy bills to an increase in the usable square footage of your home, there are several benefits to waterproofing your basement. Contact a company like Safe-Way Waterproofing to learn more.