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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Pet Owners

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A newly remodeled bathroom can make your current house much more attractive and livable. If you are a proud pet owner, remodeling is also a great opportunity to make your bathroom more friendly for your furry companions, too. Whether you have a dog, cat, or both, the following are a few ideas you can incorporate into your new bathroom:

Grooming Tub

Bathing a dog can be a hassle, especially with larger or older dogs that are difficult to get into a tub. Opting for a separate shower with a low-walled shower pan makes it easy to get your pup into the bathing area, but still provides a slight barrier to prevent the escape of a wet dog. You can also consider adding in a handheld showerhead with an on-off switch so you can easily bathe your pup and rinse them off. Don't overlook the addition of a few grab bars as well. Things can get slippery when you are bathing an exuberant dog, so making sure you can keep your footing during bath time is a must.

Litter Station

The cat litter box is the bane of a many homeowners, so you should take advantage of a remodel to create a specific place to put the litter box. The bathroom is a natural choice for the litter box location. You can have a cabinet installed, perhaps beneath the vanity or in an otherwise unused cabinet. Add a cat door, and you have a tucked-away litter station that contains both the mess and the odor. You can even have your remodeler install a separate vent fan inside the litter station so that odors and excess litter dust are whisked away quickly when the cat utilizes their special bathroom cubby.

Toilet Safety

It's not uncommon for both cats and dogs to try and drink from the toilet. This can be a real safety concern -- not because of germs, but because of toxins in bathroom cleaning products and automatic toilet cleaners. It can also be a challenge to make sure everyone in the household always remembers to put the lid down. An automatically closing toilet lid can be the answer to this conundrum. When not in use, the lid will close slowly and safely so that you don't have to worry about your pets getting into the water.

For more help with implementing these ideas or for more pet-friendly bathroom options, contact a bathroom remodeling service in your area.