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New To Granite Countertops? Know How To Seal Them

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Did you recently remodel your kitchen and decide to get granite countertops? If so, you're likely well aware that this material requires more maintenance than others to keep it in good shape over the years. Here are some tips for sealing the granite when the time comes.

Be Safe

Granite sealer can produce vapors that are harmful if breathed in, and use chemicals that can be irritating to your skin. It is best to wear rubber gloves and to have plenty of ventilation in the area before you begin. 

Clean The Surface

Start by cleaning the granite surface, which can be done by using dish soap and water. You also have the option to use cleaners specifically designed for use on granite if that is easier for you. Just make sure to dry the granite using a lint-free cloth when you are finished. 

Test The Sealant

Before you start applying your granite sealant to the entire surface, it is best to test it in a small area where nobody will see it. For example, test it in a corner behind where a microwave or bread box is typically located.

Apply The Sealant Evenly

Having a good seal will require that you evenly apply the sealer to the surface. Start by covering the surface with the sealant by spraying it on, and then dampen a lint-free cloth with a bit of sealant. Rub it around on the surface until it is evenly spread around. 

Wait For The Sealant To Dry

Follow the directions on the sealant for how long you need to wait. That sealant needs to soak into the surface for it to be effective, and each sealant has different recommendations for how long it will take. The wait time could be around half an hour until you can move on.

Apply The Second Coat

Apply the second coat of sealant in the same manner as the first coat. Make sure that everything is applied evenly and covers the entire surface. Any missed spot is going to create an area where liquids can absorb into the countertop later. 

Wait And Wipe Up The Sealant

Once again, you'll need to wait for the sealant to dry. When the drying period is over, you can wipe down the surface using a lint-free clean cloth. The surface may not be ready to use for several hours while the sealant cures, so make sure to plan this project at a time where you do not need to use your kitchen anytime soon. 

To learn more about the care of granite countertops (or to install them in your home), contact a company with granite countertops available, such as Artisan Granite & Marble