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Dining Room Trends

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While having a formal dining room used to be really popular in interior design, things have moved in a completely different direction and are now more about having large communal living spaces for friends and family to hang out in together.

If you are in the process of building a house or if you are completely gutting your existing home, then you may want to consider getting rid of your formal dining space altogether so that you can instead use that room for something else. After all, how many formal dinners could you really see yourself having every year in your dining room? 

Large Dining Nooks

One thing that a lot of interior designers and homeowners are moving towards is having what is called a large dining nook that's right off the kitchen instead of having a formal dining room. For instance, a lot of homeowners have a setup where they have a large table, a built-in bench, and some chairs for their family to eat dinner at every night and to host big dinners for holidays as well. Just remember that just because you have a dining nook, that doesn't mean that everything has to be super casual either. 

For instance, if you still want to have a really formal dining table, you can incorporate that style into the overall aesthetic of your home and put a formal dining table and chairs in your dining nook. When you go to a dining table store, they can help you pick the perfect dining table that will be good for both everyday use and special occasions. One compromise may be to get a more casual wooden dining table and then decorate it with linens and floral arrangements for special occasions. 

Large Kitchen Islands

If you do decide to go with a dining nook and you end up choosing more formal dining furniture, then you may want to have a large kitchen island built so that you and your family can eat most of your meals there instead. By having more of a casual space to eat at, you won't have to worry about damaging your dining furniture or having to clean up an additional space when you don't really want to or need to. Instead you can get some comfortable bar stools and just gather with family around your kitchen island. 

Are you interested in learning a bit more about dining trends and dining furniture? If so, reach out to a dining table store in your area today.