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Improve the Look of Your Front Door Area With These Hardware Store Products

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The area around your front door is one of the first things that your guests see when they arrive at your home, so it's advantageous to look for ways to improve this space. While complex remodeling projects can be enticing, they can also be expensive. If you're looking for some low-cost changes that you can make yourself, think about visiting a local hardware store to evaluate its selection of products. You'll generally find that the store has several things in stock that can be effective for improving the area around your front door. Here are some options.

1. House Number

People don't always think about upgrading the house number that appears on an exterior wall of their home, often near the front door. If your home was built a few decades ago, however, there's a good chance that the current number has an outdated look. Local hardware stores typically carry large supplies of house numbers, so you have an option of many different styles that can improve the look of this area. Rustic, modern, and everything in between are worth assessing. Some people even favor house numbers that light up at night.

2. Mailbox

A lot of homes have mailboxes around the front door, and this is another element that you can replace easily and affordably. An old mailbox can have a faded appearance, as well as rust and even dents. Hardware stores have several mailbox options for homeowners, so you can choose one that matches certain elements in the surrounding area. For example, you might favor a mailbox in the same color as your front door, or that has metal hardware that matches the porch light. Whatever you choose, you can expect that this simple upgrade will have a positive impact on the look of your front door area.

3. Flagpole and Flag

If you like the idea of flying a flag on your property, there are a few options to consider. While some people erect a large flagpole on their lawn, this project may feel a little daunting. Another option is to buy a flagpole that affixes to the front of your home—often, these poles mount easily to a post on your porch at a 45-degree angle, for example. This addition can be a good way to show your patriotism, as well as improve the appearance of the area around your front door. Shop at your local hardware store for these and other similar products.