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The Pros And Cons Of Canvas As A Canopy Material

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A cloth canopy can help shelter your patio or other outdoor living space from the elements. However, there is more than one material that can be used to make a canopy. Some are made from polyester or cotton, but many these days are made from canvas. While canvas has a lot of benefits as a canopy material, it has a couple of small cons, too. You should consider both sides before deciding whether to buy a canvas canopy.


1. Canvas is really strong

Canvas is used to make everything from backpacks to sailing gear, and it can be used for these purposes because it is so incredibly strong. This is also an asset for canvas when used as a canopy material. It won't tear easily if there are high winds, or even if a tree branch lands on it. You can stretch the canvas canopy without worrying about tearing it — which really comes in handy when you're putting the canopy up or taking it down for storage.

2. Canvas is quite water-resistant

While canvas, on its own, is not exactly waterproof, it is very water-resistant. In other words, water runs off of it pretty well. Some water might come through in a really heavy rainstorm, but not during the average rain shower. This means you can sit under your canvas canopy in the rain without getting wet, which makes your patio or deck more versatile.

3. Canvas is inexpensive

Made from linen and sometimes from hemp, canvas is a pretty affordable material. Most canvas canopies cost less than metal awnings and vinyl awnings.


1. Canvas wrinkles easily

If you have a canvas canopy, you want to make sure you store it rolled up. If you fold it, then it will develop a lot of wrinkles that linger in the fabric and make your canopy look a bit messy.

2. Canvas has a distinct, somewhat rustic look

If you like the rustic look, then this is not exactly a con. However, the look of canvas is not very versatile and really can't be changed. It's not a very polished or modern-looking material, so it may not be your first choice for a really contemporary canopy.

If you don't mind the rustic look and you're able to store your canopy properly, then canvas is a good material to choose. It's water-resistant, durable, and more affordable than you might think.

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