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Understanding Your Sprinkler System Basics: Signs Of Trouble

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If you've installed a sprinkler system on your property or you recently bought a home with a sprinkler system installed, you need to be able to recognize the signs that your sprinkler system needs repair. The more you understand the potential problems with your sprinkler system, the easier it will be for you to avoid more extensive, costly damage. Here's a look at some of the issues that you might encounter that could warrant a need for sprinkler repair.

Clogged Sprinkler Heads

Clogged sprinkler heads can not only cause problems with water flow, but they can also lead to increased pressure in the pipes that may ultimately cause a pipe to burst. If you have a sprinkler system with a sprinkler that doesn't seem to be spraying, you need to be sure that the sprinkler head isn't clogged. You can examine the sprinkler head yourself, but the most effective means is to talk with a sprinkler repair technician who can not only assess the specific sprinkler but also evaluate the rest of the system for any signs of issues.

Leaks Or Breaks

Whether it's a leaking connection or a broken pipe, your irrigation system leaking is a serious concern. You will likely recognize the signs of a leak by oversaturation appearing in the problem areas of your lawn. Often, you won't notice a leak like this right away because it takes time to saturate the soil, so when you do notice it, you'll know that it's likely been leaking for some time. A sprinkler repair technician can inspect the system and find the source of the leak, then repair it to restore your sprinkler system's operation.

Electrical Issues

Usually, electrical issues become apparent when they are severe enough to interfere with the operation of the system. However, if you work with a sprinkler repair technician who can test the electrical system's voltage and load response once or twice a year, you may be able to identify a problem before it causes significant disruption to your sprinkler system or lawn maintenance regimen.

These are just a few of the many things that you need to understand when you have a sprinkler system in your yard. Work with a local sprinkler repair technician for more help and guidance to keep your irrigation system running the way that it's supposed to. The more proactive you can be, the longer your system is likely to last without needing significant repairs.