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5 Common Repair Needs For Glass Shower Doors

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Glass shower surrounds are popular for their simple elegance and easy maintenance, but they can sometimes require repairs. A glass shower door repair specialist can solve the following problems easily. 

1. Water Leaks

Leaks around the edges of the glass shower surround can make a mess and cause damage. In most cases, the repair is as simple as removing the old caulking or rubber seals and replacing them with new ones. If leaks are coming from gaps, such as where the door closes, installing a seal may solve the issue. 

2. Glass Scratches

Most scratches are the result of abrasive cleaners or sponges. Hard water can also etch the glass over time. To repair it, the glass is first thoroughly cleaned to remove any mineral deposits. It is then buffed smooth and polished for clarity. Another repair option is to have the glass frosted so that the scratches no longer show. Frosting allows light through the door but provides more privacy than clear glass.

3. Small Cracks

Cracks can occur anywhere, but they are more common at stress points on the door. This means cracks tend to happen near corners, around the hinges, or where fasteners are attached. Small cracks that don't penetrate through the glass can be filled and buffed smooth. Unfortunately, some cracks aren't typically repairable. Instead, the cracked shower door panel will be replaced. If the crack is only an appearance issue, you can opt to leave it as is. 

4. Door Jams

Swinging or hinged glass shower doors can become jammed in either direction, where they either won't open easily or they won't stay closed all the way. Often the problem is in the hinges — either hard water deposits have caused damage or the hinges are broken. Cleaning or replacing them solves the issue. Doors can also sag in the hinges, causing them to drag. Your repair person will tighten the hinges in this case.

5. Track Alignment

Sliding glass shower doors require a clean track and proper door alignment to operate as they should. Over the years hard water deposits, corrosion, and small damages can make door operation less smooth than it should be. Your repair person will take the door off the track so they can either clean and straighten it, or put in a new track if it's too badly damaged. They'll also repair any issues with the door edges so they will align in the track properly. 

Contact a glass shower door repair service if you are having any of these problems. 

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