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Replace Your Grass With Sod With A Sod Delivery Service

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Sod allows you to have a beautiful lawn at all times, which can help with your home's aesthetics. If you are considering sod, you should hire a sod delivery service. Below is information about using sod for your lawn, as well as how the sod is installed on your property.

Sod Lawn

You will hear sod referred to as turf grass. The manufacturer ties together sections of grass by using a root system or they may use a biodegradable material. Sod is grass that is grown to sell to residential property owners. They also sell sod to commercial building owners. The sod generally comes in a roll and can be purchased at garden centers. This works fine if you have a very small lawn. For a large lawn, you should hire a sod delivery service to bring the sod to you. 

Sod is grown on sod farms to ensure the grass is healthy and thick and also does not have any weeds. The sod is cut when you order it so it will not dry out. They use a sod-cutting machine to do this, so each cut is clean and even. 

Installing Sod

A sod delivery service can often install your sod lawn for you. If so, they will first remove the existing lawn until there is only soil. They may spray a weed herbicide over the soil when the grass is removed. This will kill any weeds, as well as weed roots in the soil. After the soil is ready, it is tilled and then raked. It is important for the soil to be free of debris to be healthy so the sod can grow well. Because of this the sod delivery service will likely test the soil and add nutrients if needed. 

A layer of fresh topsoil is placed over the lawn and lawn fertilizer is added if it is needed. When the sod is delivered, it is unrolled and cut to the right size. As the sod delivery service applies the sod, they ensure each row is even and there are no gaps when they finish. 

When they are finished, they use a large roller to press down the sod. This is important as this helps the sod take root in the soil so it will stay healthy and green. 

A sod delivery service such as Novasack Turf Farms  can give you tips on maintaining the sod after it is installed.